Duruelo Convent High School

St. John of the Cross - Patron of the School

St. John of the Cross was born in Frontiveros, Spain in 1542. His father Gonzalo de yaps, of aristocratic birth, married Catalina Alvarex, socially of very humble birth but of noble character. Widowed when John was but seven years old, Catalina moved to Medina del Campo where she supported her three children as a weaver. Inspite of penury, the youngster received a good elementary education from the sisters. So avid was the boy for learning that his oldest brother related: “Our Mother used to say that they once went to look for him at midnight and found him studying among the faggots”. When the youth was above fifteen, a gentleman of Medina impressed by John’s brilliance, arranged for him to attend the Jesuit School and, in order to help with the tuition, obtained a job for the boy as helper in the local hospital. After four years of high school, John joined the Carmelite Order. Upon the completion of his novitiate and Profession, the young religious was sent to the University of Salamanca, celebrated at the time as one of the leading Universities of Europe. John had piercing dark eyes, a modest manner, a quiet but ready smile. He was very short in stature, about five feet tall. He worked with St. Theresa ardently and zealously for Carmel’s glory. He is ranked among the Doctors of the Church.