Duruelo Convent High School


Duruelo Convent High School was established in the year 1963 in response to the invitation to take over the girls’ section of St. Theresa’s High School. It is a Christian Minority School established and administered by the Carmelite Sisters of St. Theresa, a Religious Congregation of the Roman Catholic Church, and is under the jurisdiction of Roman Catholic Archbishop of Mumbai. It is affiliated to the Archdiocesan Board of Education.

The School aims primarily at the Education of the Catholic community and the preservation of the Catholic faith and religious practices. Hence, preference in admission to the school will be given to Catholic girls. Admission will however, to the extent possible, be given to girls of other communities without distinction of caste or creed.  With a view to preserving our Catholic faith, classes in the Catholic religion will be conducted and it will be obligatory for Catholic Children to attend these classes. The School stands for academic excellence, development of skills and character formation based on the love of God and the service of men and women as modeled on Jesus Christ with a view to achieving its educational goal.